"Galeries Lafayette's Connected Hanger: Innovation at the service of the Customer Experience".

The connected coat hanger from Galeries Lafayette, designed in collaboration with BLUEGRioT, revolutionizes the in-store shopping experience. This intelligent hanger, equipped with sensors and connected directly to the store's stock, displays key information such as price and size when the customer picks up an item, and displays promotions in real time. This innovative tool offers a personalized, interactive customer experience.

Outstanding ambition 🚀

The in-store experience takes a new turn with the "connected hanger", an innovative collaboration between Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées and BLUEGRioT, a design office specializing in connected objects. This technological concentrate pushes back the boundaries between the digital world and the department store experience, offering a fundamentally new customer experience.

A Fusion of Design and Technology

By reinventing the ready-to-wear icon, BLUEGRioT and Galeries Lafayette have taken up a double challenge of design and technology. The connected hanger is the fruit of an ingenious mechanical design, combining simple assembly, robustness and cutting-edge technology. The result is an elegant hanger, with a perceived quality on a par with the demands of the luxury world.

Functionality and Customer Experience

The hanger is equipped with bespoke electronics, incorporating the latest RFID & Thread sensor and communication technologies. When a customer picks up a garment, discreet LEDs light up and a magical interface appears, providing information such as price and size. The system can even suggest complementary items or promotions in real time.

More than just an object

It's not just a hanger, but a revolution in the customer experience. It gives the sales consultant back his or her credentials, enabling more meaningful exchanges with customers. Imagine thousands of connected hangers, communicating in real time with the store's IT system. Galeries Lafayette dared to be ambitious, and the result is spectacular.

A record OpenThread network!

What sets this project apart from other initiatives in the field of connected objects is the scale of the Thread network set up. With over 2,000 hangers connected to the mesh network by the end of the project, BLUEGRioT has established the world's largest-ever Thread network. This technical feat was not only a game-changer for the retail sector, it also attracted the attention of the Google and Openthread teams, who praised this outstanding achievement. This sophisticated network underlines the commitment of BLUEGRioT and Galeries Lafayette to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of technology and customer experience.


The connected hanger from Galeries Lafayette and BLUEGRioT is a real feat of design and technology, creating a special moment for the customer and rethinking the traditional shopping experience. In a word, it's the future of retail.

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