Connected objects and the professional world: why call in a specialist design office?


In an increasingly connected world, companies are facing unprecedented technological challenges. Connected objects have become indispensable in the professional world, in a wide range of sectors. To meet these challenges, specialized design offices such as BLUEGRioT provide expertise in electronics and embedded systems engineering, product design, user experience and mechanical engineering. BLUEGRioT adopts an eco-design approach for each of its projects, placing respect for the environment at the heart of its strategy.

Introducing connected object design offices

A design office like BLUEGRioT is an entity dedicated to the design, production and deployment of connected objects. These professionals are responsible for analyzing the specific needs of each project, designing customized electronic systems, and supervising their integration into the existing infrastructure.

The work of the design office is not limited to electronics. It also includes mechanical design, product design, user experience, signal processing, research and development, and functional analysis. In addition to these technical skills, particular attention is paid to project management, writing specifications and obtaining the necessary certifications. Successful project management at BLUEGRioT translates into a rigorous quality approach, transparency of information and regular monitoring of project progress.

The importance of connected objects in the professional world

Connected objects are radically transforming industries, bringing new possibilities in terms of productivity, monitoring and interaction. From the textile sector to healthcare and high-tech industries, connected objects are optimizing processes and offering new functionalities.

The key skills of connected object design offices

Benefit from our versatile team of experts: creative product designers, seasoned mechanical engineers, experienced electronics engineers and software developers. Together, they form a collaborative force, mobilizing their expertise to design your connected objects. Discover the BLUEGRioT team

Needs analysis and design of customized solutions

At BLUEGRioT, we start with an in-depth analysis of the company's needs. This enables us to design customized electronic boards and systems that precisely meet the project's specific requirements. We also use advanced technologies, such as CAD and AI, to guarantee high-performance, scalable solutions.

Integration and deployment of connected devices in existing infrastructures

After the prototyping phase, our engineers and project managers integrate the connected devices into existing infrastructures. We make it a point of honor to comply with specifications, while ensuring efficient deployment and uninterrupted service. Our teams come to you and set up a commissioning and maintenance contract with a high level of responsiveness. This practice is essential when we send a first series into the wild, which has generally only been validated by a few iterations of prototypes.

The advantages of working with a connected objects design office

Access to cutting-edge expertise and a constant technology watch

By working with a design office, you benefit from cutting-edge expertise in electronic engineering, product design and user experience. At BLUEGRioT, we maintain a constant technological watch, so as to offer solutions that are always at the cutting edge of innovation. Today, semiconductor manufacturers and distributors alike recommend BLUEGRioT for its expertise in specific areas. Google even invited us to Zurich when we were among the first to adopt the Thread technology that powers today's 'Matter' protocol.

Reducing risk and boosting competitiveness with innovative solutions

Our innovative solutions not only improve your processes, but also reduce the risks associated with implementing new technologies. What's more, by opting for connected objects, you increase your competitiveness in the marketplace.

Case studies: concrete examples of projects carried out by connected object design offices

Textile sector: optimizing production and logistics processes

A connected object is more than just a box containing electronics. It often needs to interface with the outside world, and textiles can be the best solution. The textile sector is highly technical, and thanks to its geographical position, BLUEGRioT benefits from the collaboration of local players specialized in this field. For example, BLUEGRioT has developed an intelligent undergarment called Sleepee. This innovative product integrates stainless steel fibers directly into the textile, capable of detecting urination for the treatment of nocturnal enuresis in children.

Medical sector: improved care and remote patient monitoring

In the medical sector, the design of connected objects, specifically medical devices, requires a higher level of rigor and compliance with directives than that required for simple CE marking. These stricter standards are designed to ensure the safety and efficacy of medical devices, which can have a direct impact on the health and well-being of patients.

BLUEGRioT has been able to adapt to these requirements, and has established itself as a critical supplier for several customers in the medical sector. To guarantee the conformity of its products and services, BLUEGRioT undergoes annual audits. These audits verify that the company complies with all applicable directives and maintains a high level of quality in all its processes.

One example of BLUEGRioT's contribution in this sector is the development of Somno-Art for PPRS. This connected medical device has improved the quality of care and represented a major breakthrough in the medical field. Thanks to a rigorous quality approach, BLUEGRioT fully complies with these specific medical directives, guaranteeing safe, effective, high-quality products.

Future prospects for connected object design firms

The impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are technologies that promise to revolutionize the connected object sector. A striking example is that of accelerometers which, when made to repeat a movement thousands of times, are capable by themselves of giving a probability score for the detection of that movement. This technology opens up new prospects for the future, making connected objects even more intelligent and adaptive.

Development opportunities in the high-tech and industrial sectors

Rapidly evolving technologies offer numerous development opportunities in the high-tech and industrial sectors. Connected object design offices, such as BLUEGRioT, play a key role in exploiting these opportunities, contributing their expertise and developing innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of each company.


In conclusion, connected object design offices bring real added value to companies, offering customized solutions that improve productivity, reduce risk and increase competitiveness in the marketplace.

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