Our process

From idea to production From design to factory

Vision Design

R & C



Testing the idea

The aim of this approach is to arrive at an initial conceptualization of the envisaged product, to confirm the suitability of its use with the identified needs, and to direct the technological decisions necessary to meet these requirements in an informed way.

Creative workshops

UX Design (user experience design)

Technology workshops (with industry experts)

Product architecture

Product design

Electronic design

Mobile app, web mockup

Software development

Ergonomic model

Electronic mock-up

UX & functional specifications

Initial product economics

From 2 to 4 months. 

Up to 50% through BPI France's innovation support schemes

A board full of yellow post-its with various sketches and annotations for testing a product or service idea. A hand holds a post-it note, suggesting a brainstorming session in progress.
A yellow product prototype with numbered and annotated components for demonstration and evaluation, held in one hand, reflecting the prototyping stage.

A prototype

Once the previous stage has been completed, the aim is to evaluate the final product by subjecting it to authentic, practical conditions of use.

Industrial design

Packaging design

Electronic board design

Embedded software development

Prototype mobile app, web

Mechanical design

Pre-CE marking tests

Commissioning support and follow-up

1 to 50 prototypes

Test plan

Assembly range

Product costing

From 4 to 8 months. 

Innovative projects can benefit from tax credits.

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Armed with the knowledge and skills acquired in the previous phase, the aim is to put in place the necessary preparations to begin the production phase.

Identification of production partners

Tool design and production

Software reliability

Procurement of components and sub-assemblies

CE Marking tests

Product test bench

Test bench and test plan.

Production folder

From 4 to 6 months. 

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Gloved hands assemble green and black electronic components on a table, representing a production line in the industrialization phase.
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